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HNFE's unique fusion of nutrition and exercise sciences positions us as a leader in education, prevention, research, and translational studies.

We examine the psychosocial aspects of health, behavioral interventions, human performance, and youth and adult weight management with a focus on chronic disease and prevention.

Our mission is:

  • to discover, translate, and disseminate health-related advances in the nutrition, food, and exercise sciences.

Our faculty:

  • promote health and wellness with an emphasis on translational science, service to the community, and providing quality education for students.


2014 TOUR Scholars 2014 TOUR Scholars, top left to right, counterclockwise: James Foley, Catelyn Hill, Sea On Lee, Debby Good, Maya Mills (SUNY-Fredonia), Annie Ickes, and Justin Resendes

HNFE Fall Seminars (3pm, Fralin Auditorium)

  • 8/25: Journal readings & discussion: Joseph Sharkey (Texas A&M Health Sciences Center) 
  • 9/1: Joseph Sharkey, "Community-Based Approach to Prevent Obesity among Mexican-heritage Children and Adults along the Texas-Mexico Border"
  • 9/8: Journal readings & discussion: Sina Gallo (GMU Department of Nutrition and Food Studies)
  • 9/15: Sina Gallo, "Maternal and child nutrition: Interrelations and health outcomes"

2014 Fall Force Add Instructions