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HNFE's unique fusion of nutrition and exercise sciences positions us as a leader in education, prevention, research, and translational studies.

We examine the psychosocial aspects of health, behavioral interventions, human performance, and youth and adult weight management with a focus on chronic disease and prevention.

Our mission is:

  • to discover, translate, and disseminate health-related advances in the nutrition, food, and exercise sciences.

Our faculty:

  • promote health and wellness with an emphasis on translational science, service to the community, and providing quality education for students.

HNFE Fall Seminars (3pm, Fralin Auditorium)

  • 10/20: Journal readings and discussion: John Lawler
  • 10/27: John Lawler, "nNOS and Skeletal Muscle Real Estate: Location, Location, Location"
  • 11/03: Journal readings and discussion: Chaodong Wu
  • 11/10: Chaodong Wu, "Healthy Obesity: dissociation of fat deposition and inflammation"
  • 11/17: Hepler Presentations
  • 12/01: Journal readings and discussion: Jeff Horowitz
  • 12/08: Jeff Horowitz, "Impact of exercise and diet on insulin resistance metabolic health in obesity"