Microwave fixation

The microwave fixation system is a 900 Watt, 2450MHz Gerling Microwave Fixation System used as a physical method of euthanasia. This is useful for the ability to fix brain metabolites without disruption of the brain anatomy or the brain biochemistry, which can occur through the exposure to carbon dioxide during asphyxiation. Thus, this system will yield a more accurate representation of the brain's activity and biochemistry and is the best way to capture a true picture of the metabolic profile in the brain. This is a great resource when measuring various neurotransmitters like glutamate and gamma-amino butyric acid, and amino- and keto-acids, which are extremely labile metabolic intermediates.

Due to a period of anoxia that will result from other forms euthanasia (i.e., CO2 asphyxiation), there will be an increased rate of anaerobic carbohydrate metabolism (glycolysis), which will result in the depletion of the neurotransmitters and amino- and keto-acids confounding the data interpretation of experimental studies.

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