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Physical Activity Core

Voluntary wheel running with variable resistance

Running with or without indirect calorimetry

Running Wheel
The mouse physical activity subcore has 32 cages with running wheels connected to LabView software, which can monitor distance run, running rate, and running duration over a set period of time.

  • Wheel rotations are counted continuously, and the sum sent to the software every two minutes.
  • Data are compiled at least once per week, and the mice can remain in the running wheel cages for as long as needed for an experiment.
  • Special diet or drinking water treatment regimes can be used while the mice have access to the running wheel system to determine effects of dietary components on voluntary running.
  • Experiment length is seven days with additional periods on request; charged at incremental rate.

The mouse metabolic phenotypic core is equipped with fully computerized treadmills (303402-Series) engineered by TSE Systems. The treadmills are controlled by software that allows for operator-defined speed profiles, which test endurance capacity and the effects of acute or chronic exercise protocols.

  • Four individual exercise lanes
  • Angle of inclination adjustable from -10 to 25 degrees
  • Available speed range of 0.07 to 2 m/sec
  • Pre-programmed foot shock can be applied as a mild stimulus to exercise