• The internship provides over 1200 hours of supervised practice in clinical dietetics, community nutrition, and management of food and nutrition services.
  • Interns complete the program full-time following a modified academic calendar. 
  • During the week, interns work in supervised practice settings four days and attend class one day for didactic and alternative supervised practice experiences (case studies, simulations, and other).
  • Interns are scheduled for 16 weeks of clinical dietetics, eight weeks of community nutrition, and seven weeks of food service management practice.
  • Interns design a two week elective rotation for the final two weeks of the program.
  • Orientation is provided at the beginning of the clinical, community, and management components.
  • Four predetermined weeks of breaks are scheduled throughout the year (one week Thanksgiving break, two week winter break, and one week spring break).
  • Schedule overview 2017-18

About the two program locations:

  • The Blacksburg and Northern Virginia sites offer unique experiences and rotations but use the same curriculum and schedule.
  • To reduce travel time and expense, interns who are relocating for either site location are encouraged to wait to find housing until they know where they will complete their rotations.
  • Rotation assignments are made based on the intern’s learning needs, goals, experience, and geography.
  • Interns from the two sites meet jointly two to three times per year for unique learning opportunities; lodging is provided for overnight trips.
  • Interns are placed at one primary facility during clinical rotations and are scheduled at additional sites as needed to guarantee exposure to a variety of clinical areas. Interns are placed at two facilities during community rotations and one facility during the management of food and nutrition services rotations.

Additional experiences have included:

Blacksburg location information:

Eight interns work in facilities located within a one-hour drive of Blacksburg.

Classes are usually held on Fridays, either on campus or in nearby facilities.

Opportunities often exist for rotations in Lynchburg; Martinsville; Danville; and Princeton, West Virginia. Interns who are interested in these locations are encouraged to contact the director before submitting an application.

Contact Carol Papillon, Program Director,, 540-231-8769

2017-18 Blacksburg Interns

Top row: Tony Dellorso
Middle row: Becca Turner, Hillary Sims, Annie Loyd, Logan Wettle
Bottom row: Rachel Magri, Kira Runkle, Cally Vetter

Northern Virginia location information:

Eight interns complete their rotations within the Washington, DC metropolitan area, which includes Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia.

Classes are usually held on Mondays at the Virginia Tech Northern Virginia Center.

Contact Amy LaFalce, Northern Virginia Site Director,, 703-209-0584

2017-18 NoVA Interns

Back row: Alexis Krider, Katie Kraemer, Amy Wiggins, Sami Reilly, Debbie Noymer, Rachel Sheahan
Front row: Catherine Cockrill, Ali Webster, Holly Johnson

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Carol B. Papillon, MPH, RD
Internship Director

Amy LaFalce, MS, RD
Northern Virginia Internship Site Director