Program Options

HNFE offers master's and doctoral degrees with the option to focus in three program tracks:

We also offer a B.S./M.S. program for exceptional undergraduate students who have over a 3.4 GPA and research experience; please refer to the Virginia Tech Graduate School for more information.

Other options and programs:

  • In the past, the department has offered opportunities for graduate students to complete the requirements of the Didactic Program in Dietetics and earn a DPD Verification Statement. These options are currently being phased out. Individuals interested in completing the DPD coursework and earning a DPD Verification Statement should pursue HNFE's undergraduate bachelor of science degree in Dietetics. The department is working on future opportunities for students to complete dietetics coursework in an accredited dietetics graduate program.  For more information, please contact Graduate Program Director Dr. Madlyn Frisard.