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Jane Wentworth

Jane Wentworth, PhD

Assistant Professor

Jane Wentworth (May 25, 1927 - September 18, 2022) retired from the department in July 1990 after spending 18 years with the university. She moved to Rome, Georgia and taught reading and basic math skills to individuals through her local library, helped the American Association of University Women in program development, and supported the League of Women Voters. She was very active in her church and was involved with their missionary work, children's programming, disaster relief and fund raising, and also served as a trustee. She enjoyed her vegetable and fruit garden and bird watching.

Jane Wentworth was featured in the 2017 issue of HealthBEAT.

Food habits of low-income families
Infant feeding practices of low-income families

Wentworth published several articles with co-workers. She also presented a paper at the International Nutrition Conference in Japan in 1975 on their research.

HNF Nutrition and Aging
HNF Nutrition
HNF 3010 Nutrition and Human Development
HNF 4034 Community Nutrition
HNF 4604 Seminar in HNF
|HNF 5654 Nutrition Surveys

Wentworth chaired the committee of 18 master's students and one Ph.D. student.

Faculty Senate
Co-chair, USDA Data Bank Conference
Director of Community Nutrition and Dietetic Field Training
Director of nutrition workshops for School Food Service and Public Health Nutritionists and Head Start Workers

U.S. Army, Women's Army Corps (WAC)
Georgia Experiment Station (Griffin, Georgia)
North Carolina Public Health Department
University of Wisconsin, Lab Technician

1975, Ph.D., Food & Nutrition, Florida State University
1964, M.P.H., School of Public Health, UNC-Chapel Hill
1956, M.S., Food & Nutrition, Florida State University
1955, B.S., Home Economics, Florida State University