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Ryland E. Webb, PhD

Professor Emeritus and HNF Department Head (1973-82)
Ryland Webb

Ryland Webb became department head in 1973, succeeding Jewel Ritchey.  He was an assistant professor of biochemistry from 1963-68 and associate professor from 1968-73 before accepting the department head position. He contributed to over 80 refereed publications and was the major advisor of 30 graduate students in both biochemistry and HNFE.

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Major research interests were the interactions of nutritional status and pesticides, applied nutrition programs, and pesticide resistance and metabolism. 

Toxicology/nutrition research:

Published results include the first observed development of pesticide (endrin) resistance in a wild mammal (pine vole).

Other pesticide related studies dealt with the effect of dietary protein on heptacholor, malathion, and parathion metabolism.

Researched the development of a profile of detoxication capability of humans by measuring the urinary end products of four different conjugation pathways.

International applied nutrition programs:

University Coordinator of Haitian Programs, 1972-82

Collaborations with the Haitian Bureau of Nutrition to prevent preschool malnutrition. Major emphasis was the Mothercraft Center concept of training mothers in simple nutritional practices. Other emphasis involved training fathers in nutritional education and agricultural management practice dealing with food production as an adjunct to Mothercraft Centers.

HNF 1000 Foods and People
HNF 3021-3022 Nutrition & Metabolism
HNF 5120 Proteins and Amino Acids in Human Nutrition
HNF 5154 Integrated Principles of Human Nutrition

1998: Interim Department Head of Virginia Tech's Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
1974-1996: Professor of HNF/HNFE
1973-1982: Department Head, Human Nutrition and Foods (HNF)
1972-1982: University Coordinator of Haitian Programs
1972: Chairman, Symposium on Potentially Toxic Substances in Foods, IX International Congress of Nutrition, Mexico City, September 1972
1970: Two month technical assistance USAID / Philippines, evaluation of nutritional program
1968-1973: Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Nutrition
1963-1968: Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Nutrition
1961-1963: Research Scientist, American Cyanimid Company, Lederle Labs Division
1958-1961: Research Assistant and National Institutes of Health Fellow, University of Illinois

Old Masters program Purdue University 1976

Webb participated in the Old Masters Program at Purdue University in 1976. Created in 1950, the program has been a long-standing tradition in which distinguished professionals are brought to Purdue’s campus to share their professional and personal experiences and inspire leadership for a lifetime.  During the program, Old Masters participate in classroom talks, student organization receptions, and social activities.  Those selected as Old Masters are exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions in their professional fields.  Encompassing a mix of Purdue alumni and friends, Old Masters possess a desire to share leadership philosophies and life experiences with Purdue students.

1976 Old Masters

Jane Armstrong, VP of Consumer Affairs, Jewel Food Stores

Ralph E. Bailey, Vice Chairman & Director, Continental Coal Co.; CEO, Consolidated Oil Co.

Dr. James E. Bostle, Jr., Deputy Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Rural Development

Dr. M. Anne Campbell, Commissioner of Education for Nebraska

Robert Charles Howe, Illustrator, Saturday Evening Post

Marion S. Kellogg, VP of Corporate Consulting Services, General Electric

Dr. Alva T. Matthews, Paul Weidlinger Consulting Engineering

Dr. Herbert B. Osborn, Southwest Watershed Research Center, Arizona

Dr. Walter Kravitz, Senior Specialist in American National Government, Library of Congress

Dr. Lloyd M. Parks, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University

Russell Schweickart, NASA Astronaut; Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 9

Dr. Ryland E. Webb, Head of Nutrition & Foods Department, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University


American Dietetic Association
American Institute of Nutrition
Society of Toxicology

HNFE colleagues
Front: Janette Taper, Forrest Thye, and Mary Pat. Back: Bill Barbeau, Kathleen Stadler-Thompson, Ryland Webb, and Marilyn Prehm.
Left to right: Patricia McCormick, Chris Adamson, Ryland Webb
Patricia McCormick, Chris Adamson, Ryland Webb
Beth Thomas and Ryland Webb
Beth Thomas and Ryland Webb

1961, Ph.D., Nutritional Biochemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana
1954, B.S., Animal Science, University of Illinois, Urbana