Sarah Misyak

Sarah A. Misyak, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Graduate Program Faculty

Research focus: social determinants of health, community food systems, and health disparities

Teaching interests: community/behavioral nutrition, public health nutrition, and community food systems

The Food Security Project with Virginia Cooperative Extension is designed to increase the food security of low-income Virginians by: 

Increasing the linkages between SNAP recipients and their local farmers markets by helping markets develop their abilities to accept and welcome SNAP recipients.

Training volunteers to perform low cost, healthy meal demonstrations at markets that accept SNAP.

Combating food deserts through developing mobile farmers markets.

Educating SNAP participants to use their benefits to buy food-bearing plant starts and seeds.

Demonstrating the basics of container gardening for youth participants with the goal that they will help their families start small gardens at home.

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2014, Ph.D., HNFE, Behavioral & Community Science, Virginia Tech
Dissertation: Farmers Market Access by Snap-eligible Mothers of Young Children: Barriers and Impact on Nutrition Education Programming for Cooperative Extension

2008, M.S., HNFE, Behavioral & Community Science, Virginia Tech
Thesis: Development of a SNP Assay for the Differentiation of Allelic Variations in the mdx Dystrophic Mouse Model

2006, B.S., HNFE, Exercise Science and Health Promotion, Virginia Tech