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Dongmin Liu, PhD

  • Graduate Program Faculty
Liu Dongmin
1981 Kraft Drive
1030 Integrated Life Sciences Building
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Molecular and Cellular Science
Molecular mechanisms of phytochemicals in regulation of vascular function, steroid biology, and vascular angiogenesis

Identification of bioactive compounds to prevent diabetes and understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms

HNFE 4004 Seminar in HNFE Writing & Discourse
HNFE/ALS 5984 Protein, Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals Metabolism
ALS 5114 Vitamins and Minerals
ALS 6024 Topics of Cell and Molecular Biology

2012: Section Chair, Healthy Nutrition and Functional Foods and Chinese Traditional Medicine, The World Congress of Diabetes-2012, China

2012, 2009: International travel award, Virginia Tech

2012: Chair, Nutrient-gene interaction symposium of Experimental Biology meeting

2010, 2011: Co-chair, Nutrient-gene interaction symposium of Experimental Biology meeting

2008: Research Excellence Award, HNFE, Virginia Tech

2004, Postdoctoral Fellowship, Endocrinology, University of Iowa Medical College
2000, Ph.D., Nutritional Physiology, Virginia Tech
1992, M.S., Animal Genetics, Gansu Agricultural University (China)
1989, B.S., Animal Science, Gansu Agricultural University (China)

Graduate Program Track:

  • Molecular and Cellular Science