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S. Jewel Ritchey

Professor and Dean Emeritus of College of Human Resources
  • HNFE Department Head (1965-1973)


Jewel Ritchey, who retired in 1994, was appointed department head of Human Nutrition and Foods in 1965. In 1973, he became the associate dean of the College of Home Economics, which was renamed the College of Human Resources in 1982. Ritchey is also a published author of numerous books, available on Amazon.

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In addition to being department head and dean, Ritchey was also assistant director of the Agriculture Experiment Station from 1974-93, and the director of the Center for Gerontology from 1978-80. He was the committee chair for 45 master's students and 18 doctoral students.

Dr. Ritchey is the coauthor of at least 125 papers and journals and 12 book chapters or monographs.

HNF 1000: Foods and People
HNF 5000: Protein and Energy (developed)
HNF 5110: Minerals in Human Nutrition
HNF 5620: Nutrition and Aging

Borden Service Award for Nutrition

Distinguished Service Award, American Home Economics Association

S.J. Ritchey

1958-59, Postdoctoral, Biochemistry and Nutrition, Texas A&M

1957, Ph.D., Nutrition Science, University of Illinois

1951, B.S., Louisiana State University