Zhiyong Cheng, PhD

Assistant Professor

Graduate Program Faculty

Molecular and Cellular Science

Molecular Metabolism Laboratory

Environmental cues can lead to epigenetic and genetic changes that are relevant to obesity and diabetes development.

We are interested in the mechanism of how energy surplus dysregulates hormonal and nutritional signaling pathways during the development of obesity and diabetes

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HNFE 4004: Seminar Writing & Discourse
ALS 5115: Nutrition

2006 - 2012, Postdoctoral, Biochemistry/Metabolism, Harvard University Medical School
2004 - 2006, Postdoctoral, Biochemistry/Enzymology,University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2003, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Peking University

Zhiyong Cheng

1981 Kraft Drive
1008 ILSB
Blacksburg, VA 24060

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