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Frank Conforti

Associate Professor Emeritus


Frank Conforti retired for a second time in May 2013 after 23 years with the department. Twenty of those years were spent teaching and three completing his doctoral degree under former department head Janet Johnson.

Functional role of ingredients in a food system and their effect on quality.

Conforti, F.D. and Cachaper, K.F. 2009. Effects of selected antioxidants on physical and sensory characteristics of yeast bread containing flaxseed meal. International Journal of Consumer Studies. 33(1): 89-93.

Conforti, F.D. and Totty, J.A. 2007. Effect of three lipid/hydrocolloid coatings on the shelf life stability of Golden Delicious apples. International Journal of Food Science and Technology.  42(9): 1101-1108.

Conforti, F.D. and Davis, S.F. 2006. The effect of soya flour and flaxseed as a partial replacement for bread flour in yeast bread. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. 41 (Supplement 2): 95-101.

Conforti, F.D. and Ball, J.A. 2002. A comparison of lipid and lipid/hydrocolloid based coatings to evaluate their effect on postharvest quality on green bell peppers. Journal of Food Quality. 25(2): 107-116.

Conforti, F.D. Food Selection and Preparation: A Laboratory Manual, 2nd Edition, 2008. Wiley/Blackwell Publisher.

Dr. Conforti really enjoyed teaching, and his Food Selection & Preparation class is one of the most popular classes in the history of the department. He developed a lab manual in 1991 to accompany his Food Selection & Preparation Lab, which is available on Amazon.

HNFE Lipids and Emulsion

HNFE 2224 Food Selection & Preparation Lab

HNFE 2234 Food Selection & Preparation

2002: College Teaching Award
2013: HNFE Department Teaching Award

Food Selection & Preparation Lab
Food Selection & Preparation Lab
Bill Barbeau and Frank Conforti

1989, Ph.D., Foods, and Minor, Nutrition, Virginia Tech
Dissertation: Relation of Chlorination to Protein and Lipid Content and Baking Quality of Soft Wheat Flour

1973, M.S., Nutrition, Hunter College, NY

1970, B.A., Chemistry, and Minor, Calculus/Physics, H.H. Lehman College, NY