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Forrest Thye

Associate Professor Emeritus


A member of the Virginia Tech faculty since 1969, Forrest Thye was a devoted teacher to both undergraduate and graduate students for over thirty years.  He also served the University Honors program by contributing to the pre-medicine and pre-dental advising program.

Thye made significant contributions in research related to mineral metabolism and had advanced knowledge and understanding of the response of plasma lipids and lipoproteins to exercise and dietary components.  He also served as the president and treasurer of the Virginia Tech chapter of Sigma Xi.

Dr. Thye was featured in the Fall 2014 Happenings (page 8).

HNF 2020 Principles of Human Nutrition

HNF 3021-3022 Nutrition and Metabolism (HNFE 3025-3025 Metabolic Nutrition)

HNF 3030/(3034 Methods in Human Nutrition and Metabolism

HNF 4170/4174 Nutrition and Physical Performance

HNF 5130/5134 Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Energy in Human Nutrition

1969, Ph.D., Cornell
1966, M.S., Cornell
1963, B.S., Iowa State University