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The program fee is $9000, while the fee for ISPP Interns is $10,000.  

(see ISPP Policy)

Application costs:

  • Virginia Tech application fee: $50
  • Computer matching fee: $55 (one-time fee paid to D&D Digital to participate in the match process)
  • Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System (DICAS) fee: $50 for first program and $25 for each additional program  

Other estimated expenses:

  • Monthly rent, utilities, food: Blacksburg: $600-900, Northern Virginia: $1300*
  • Textbooks: $200 (varies, depending on books retained from DPD program)
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics student membership: $58
  • Lab coat: $25
  • Car expenses (gas, insurance, parking, etc.): varies**
  • Pre-placement immunizations and physical exam: varies***
  • Health insurance: varies
  • Background checks, drug screening, basic life support training: $200 (varies)****
  • Meals and local transportation costs during trips: $100

* In order to stay within this range in Northern Virginia, a roommate would be needed.
** A car and valid driver's license or other form of private transportation are necessary for traveling to classes and facilities as public transit is not always available. Northern Virginia interns incur a $3.00 parking expense for the weekly class.
***Interns must submit documentation that they have met vaccine requirements. The requirements are updated each year based on those established by the university and by the supervised practice sites that host interns. The current requirements include vaccination against COVID-19. A full list of required vaccines is available upon request. Inability to provide the required documentation may result in inability to complete supervised practice experiences required to complete the program.
**** Must successfully complete a background check and drug screen; inability to successfully pass may result in inability to be placed in practice sites and ultimate dismissal from the program.

Financial Aid: information about financial aid and deferments