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Program Policies and Costs

Program Policies can be found here.
Policies specific to the ISPP are located here.

Program Costs:
The internship program fee is $9,000. The fee for ISPP interns is $10,000.

Interns who simultaneously pursue Virginia Tech’s Online Master of Science in Agriculture and Life Science (OMALS) will also pay tuition according to the bursar’s fee schedule.

Per the 2022-23 rates, the total cost of the OMALS degree is approximately $29,000. The tuition is the same regardless of state residence. Virginia Tech DPD students who decide to dually enroll in the OMALS program for up to 12 credits during their final year can reduce their costs proportionally.

Internship Application costs:

  • Virginia Tech internship application fee: $50
  • Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System (DICAS) fee: $50 for first program and $25 for each additional program
  • Computer matching fee: $65 (one-time fee paid to D&D Digital to participate in the match process)

Other estimated expenses:

  • Rent: $700-1100;/month in Blacksburg/Roanoke, $1000-1400 in Northern Virginia plus utilities*
  • Food: ~$100/week
  • Transportation expenses (gas, insurance, parking, etc.): varies**
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics student membership: $58
  • Textbooks: $250 (varies, depending on books retained from DPD program)
  • Health insurance: varies
  • Pre-placement immunizations and physical exam: varies***
  • Background checks, drug screening, basic life support training:~$200 (varies)****
  • Laptop computer, printer (or reliable printing access) and reliable internet access: varies
  • Lab coat: $25

* In order to stay within this range, a roommate would likely be needed.

**Many rotations are not easily reached by public transportation. A vehicle or other means of private transportation is needed to get to most supervised practice sites and some classes. The actual expenses incurred will depend on the living location of the intern and the travel necessary to reach each supervised practice site. Interns are encouraged to discuss geographic considerations prior to committing to housing to reduce transportation demands.

***Interns are required to provide documentation of immunizations in order to meet affiliation agreement requirements of our supervised practice sites. Inability to meet these requirements will result in dismissal from the program.

****Interns must successfully complete a background check and drug screen; inability to successfully pass may result in inability to be placed in practice sites and ultimate dismissal from the program.

Financial Aid: Individuals pursuing Virginia Tech’s OMALS program or another graduate degree program can seek federal financial aid. Individuals seeking information about loans and deferments during Virginia Tech’s non-credit internship program may find this document helpful