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HNFE Travel Fund

HNFE supports graduate student travel to scientific conferences and professional development opportunities through an awards process.

  • Applications are accepted throughout the year for students attending either scientific meetings/conferences or professional development opportunities.
    • Students may submit a request for funding one time during the academic year.  
  • Funds are awarded and amounts vary depending on whether the student is attending and/or presenting at a conference or meeting.

Who should apply:

  • Masters and doctoral level HNFE students who will be:
    • presenting a paper or poster at a scientific conference or professional development meeting/expo
    • attending a scientific conference or professional development meeting/expo (examples include the American College of Sports Medicine and Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo)

Students not academically enrolled in HNFE are not eligible to apply for this award.

Important dates and deadlines:

  • Travel fund application: (student and advisor): one week after conference submission and / or conference registration
  • Funding and award reimbursement form: one week after notice of award
  • TEM approval: one week after travel

When should you apply and how:

Policies and Procedures:

  1. All travel fund applications should be submitted within one week of submitting a conference abstract.
  2. Students receiving the travel award will be reimbursed for costs up to the amount of $500 if presenting at a conference, or $250 if attending a conference. No reimbursement will be provided above the award amount. Complete the Travel Fund Reimbursement Form as requested and submit to Carolyn Smith.
  3. Students may request funding one time during the academic year.
  4. Meal reimbursements may only be granted if an individual is traveling overnight. All meal or food purchases will be reimbursed per diem; therefore, you do not need to keep food receipts.
  5. Please note: Notice of travel award and funding approval must be granted prior to travel. All travel applications must be approved before travel; retroactive applications will not be accepted.
  6. Notice of award approval will be sent one month after application submission, and further instructions and details will be included in your award email. Failure to follow provided instructions will result in loss of award.