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Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Programs (IGEPs)

Water INTERface: INTERdisciplinary Research Transcending Boundaries of Engineering Science, and Human Health (WATER): This interdisciplinary faculty group is united by a central focus of water for health, spanning pipes to people. The complexity of societal issues related to water shortages, purity, and quality, which influence water consumption and its role in human health, highlights the need for increased interdisciplinary dialogue and problem-solving capabilities. This program unites graduate students and faculty in addressing technical and societal challenges of transforming low-quality water resources into clean water for healthy living.

Translational Obesity Research: This program draws faculty and students from diverse disciplines to form integrative research teams with a central focus on translational obesity research. Teams address the complex nature of obesity and the ongoing challenge of obesity management in multiple settings. Their goal is to train the next generation of obesity researchers to conduct innovative research which integrates and translates knowledge of the etiology, pathophysiology, and management of obesity with the ultimate goal of improving the health and well-being of the Commonwealth and the nation. Participants will engage in interdisciplinary and translational obesity research projects with coursework and research experiences that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries of life sciences, social sciences, economics, and health policies.

Molecular and Cellular Biology
The Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program provides interdisciplinary training in the mechanisms that underpin life.  To be accepted to this program, students must be accepted to a degree granting MCB affiliated program.

Individuals interested in completing the DPD coursework and earning a DPD Verification Statement should pursue our undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Dietetics or Master's in Nutrition and Dietetics. Contact Kristen Chang for more information.