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Frequently Asked Questions

Must a faculty advisor be identified before admission is offered?

  • Yes, a key requirement for admission is matching each student with an advisor before the student enters the program. The relationship between students and their faculty advisor is an important component of your graduate education, so it is expected that you and your advisor have similar research interests.

Will my application be considered even though I have not completed all of the prerequisite courses?

  • HNFE will always consider strong applicants even though they may not have all prerequisites completed. In some cases, applicants will be admitted on a provisional basis with regular acceptance dependent on completion of prerequisite courses. In other cases, applicants will be offered regular acceptance with the agreement that prerequisites be completed during the first semester of enrollment. However, a lack of prerequisites is very common reason why many applicants are not offered admission.

Will my application be considered if received after the February 1 deadline?

  • Applications for graduate study are considered at anytime up until the start of the semester. However, applicants should be aware that after the February 1 deadline, it may be difficult to find a faculty match.

What are the main reasons why some applicants are not offered admission?

  • We typically receive approximately 80 applications and select 15 - 25 from this pool.
    The most common reasons why students are not offered admission are:
    • Non-competitive grades (the average GPA for students entering the past five years has been 3.5)
    • Non-competitive TOEFL/IELTS (international students only)
    • Background: some qualified students may not have enough prerequisites or have a solid science background

My academic and research interests overlap two or more areas; can I combine options?

  • Many students study and conduct research in two program tracks. While we have three graduate options, we also provide a unique opportunity to study topics that overlap the areas of nutrition, foods, and exercise. Our faculty collaborate across options and have diverse areas of expertise.