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What are some benefits to completing the Virginia Tech Internship (a certificate program with an optional graduate degree) in comparison to a program that includes a required, built-in graduate degree?

Our program provides flexibility for candidates with a variety of backgrounds and interests. If you complete a graduate degree before beginning our program, you can finish our internship in 9 months or less. You can also complete our internship while you are finishing a graduate degree. For those who want to pursue a graduate degree from Virginia Tech, we offer a pathway to complete the flexible Online Master of Science in Agricultural and Life Sciences (OMALS) simultaneously with the internship in as few as 15 months. Half of your graduate credits will be affiliated with internship work. 

The decision to apply to our program after completing or while pursuing a graduate degree is individual and may be based on a variety of factors including professional interests, geographical location, and financial considerations. Our program has opportunities for individualization to meet your unique needs.

Which graduate programs offered through Virginia Tech will prepare me for this internship program?

To pursue a graduate degree simultaneously with the internship, we recommend the Online Master of Agricultural and Life Sciences (OMALS) which offers a concentration in Applied Nutrition and Physical Activity. Half of your 30 credits in the OMALS degree will be affiliated with internship work and you can complete the internship and OMALS program together in as few as 15 months. The OMALS program is individualized to prepare graduates for careers in counseling, public health, sports nutrition, wellness, or any area of dietetics practice. Virginia Tech DPD students can dually enroll in the OMALS program during their final undergraduate year to save time and reduce expenses.

If you want to pursue a graduate degree through Virginia Tech before you begin the internship program, you can do the OMALS program from anywhere because all classes are online!

Additional Virginia Tech graduate programs on campus in Blacksburg: 

Virginia Tech internship applicants do not need to pursue a graduate program specifically through Virginia Tech. Graduate degrees from other universities are also welcome. Internship Applicants must demonstrate that they will complete their graduate degree within three months of finishing the internship.

What kind of jobs do your graduates obtain after graduation?

Virginia Tech internship graduates have found jobs in all areas of dietetics including inpatient and outpatient clinical practice, long term care, health promotion, school nutrition, private practice, policy, communications, research, sports nutrition, and community nutrition.

Are interns permitted to work during the internship?

The program is full-time. Some interns are able to manage part-time, flexible employment alongside the internship. The directors are also willing to explore a part-time internship schedule in certain circumstances. If you wish to consider a part-time schedule, please reach out to a director before submitting an application.


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    Carol Papillon, MPH, RD , bio

    Senior Instructor and Director of the Virginia Tech Internship in Nutrition and Dietetics: Education of future dietitians; nutrition counseling for behavior change

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    Amy LaFalce, MS, RDN , bio

    Assistant Director of the Virginia Tech Internship in Nutrition and Dietetics: Dietetics education, medical nutrition therapy, leadership in dietetics