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Weekly Curriculum Topics: Scholars will be exposed to multiple topics, focusing on research integrity, writing and presentation skills, diversity and career skills.

Week One: Boot Camp
Personality tests for mentors and TOUR Scholars, and discussion of results.  Grant panel and grant awards.

Week Two: Effective Lab Notebooks/Data Collection
How to collect data, and retain/organize data and lab notebooks for long-term storage

Week Three: Diversity and Inclusion Training
Dr. Alicia Cohen will provide training on diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Week Four: Effective Communication Skills
Discussion of writing, poster-making, and oral presentation skills

Week Five: Research Integrity and Ethics Training
All students would have completed CITI Research Integrity Training during the spring. Review topics related to research ethics using case studies and a panel discussion.

Week Six: Careers in Science-Pharma and Biotech
Travel to Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center Biotech and Pharma Labs

Week Seven: Careers in Science-Clinical
Bench-to-Bedside discussion, followed by travel to VT-Carillion Research Institute

Week Eight: Careers in Science-Government
Travel to NIDDK to view government research in action

Week Nine: Building your CV
Students will create a LinkedIn account, and develop their CV including the summer research project.

Week Ten: VT Office of Undergraduate Research Conference
Practice presentations in the days before, and then present posters and oral presentation