The TSE LabMaster System is a modular system for metabolic and behavioral monitoring in mice. 

Measures include:

  • Metabolic performance via indirect calorimetry – O2 consumption & CO2 production, Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER), Energy Expenditure (EE), etc.
  • Drinking & feeding behavior with high-precision sensors: amount and time patterns, up to six sensors per cage, controlled food or liquid access per time or amount.
  • Spontaneous home cage activity via sensor frames: total activity, ambulatory and fine movements, rearing
  • Running wheel activity: voluntary or forced; options include: PC-controlled "enabled / disabled" function, workload control
  • Standard home cage environment for unbiased, stress-free animal behavior

Virginia Tech Metabolic Phenotyping Core
Integrated Life Sciences Building
1981 Kraft Drive
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060