Thank you for your interest in HNFE!

Visit the Virginia Tech Freshman Application FAQs website to understand the application process. Please be sure to select HNFE on your application if you are considering this as your major.

Visiting campus HNFE has regularly scheduled meetings for prospective students.  Please register for an Information Session through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. We encourage you to take a tour of campus, meet with the college representative, and also meet with a HNFE academic advisor. 

Each year, approximately 180 students enter HNFE as freshmen. Students come from a variety of backgrounds and have a large variety of career interests.  While many students go on to graduate programs in nutrition or exercise science, the top career choices are:

  • physical therapy
  • registered dietitian
  • nursing
  • physician assistant
  • medicine
  • dentistry
  • pharmacy

Students entering the workforce after graduation work in settings such as health and fitness facilities, corporate fitness, emergency services, medical offices, and a wide array of other jobs.  

Please see the HNFE Undergraduate Options section for more information about the degree and options available. Students entering HNFE will declare their option at the end of the first semester or the beginning of the second semester. 

We also encourage you to view the checksheets (graduation requirements) for each option so you have an idea of what courses are required in HNFE, and therefore what high school preparation may be the most beneficial.