Trip to the Dominican Republic
Marie Johnston (at far right), who was awarded the Oley Fund for Excellence in 2016, visited the Dominican Republic to help run a sports camp for children.
Anthem BC&BS Foundation Hokie Spirit Scholarship:
2009-10: Paul LaPenna, Jessica Schultz
2010-11: Russell Dowell, Cara Weatherford
2011-12: Jessica Schultz, Joshua Bostic, Cara Weatherford, Sloan Gutkin
2012-13: Elizabeth Torrence, Kristen Hill, Rachel Bilo
2013-14: Rachel Bilo, Katie Castagna, Taylor Cugini, Erika Moscoso, Brittni Woolwine
2014-15: Daniel Giraldo Herrera, Lauren Luttrell, Fariah Ishrat
2015-16: Daniel Giraldo Herrera, Molly Parker
2016-17: Rachel Trotman, Shelby Williams
Cardiac Rehab Scholarship
2015-16: Kathyrn Ingraham
2016-17: Paige Macauley
P. Howard Massey Foods & Nutrition Scholarship:
2011:12: Jessica Schultz, Kristen DeAngelis
2012-13: Taryn Cutrona
2013-14: Alexandra Higgins, Lauren Kennedy, Paige Macauley, Anna Nooe
2016-17: Taylor Vashro
G.A. Oley Fund for Excellence:
2012-13: Nina Compton, Andre Nguyen, Hayley Potts
2013-14: Danielle Anderson
2014-15: Katie Stewart
2015-16: Marie Johnston
2016-17: Marie Johnston, Kathryn Lucca
Carol B. Papillon Dietetics Scholarship:
2012-13: Christina Valero, Anna Nooe
2013-14: Mallory Foster
2014-15: Olivia Schwartz
2015-16: Christa Guh
2016-17: Molly Parker
Brenda Harmon Rohe Dietetics Scholarship:
2009-10: Caitlin Jonas,  Amanda Eskew
2010-11: Sarah Dalton
2011-12: Alicia Powell
2012-13: Mallory Foster, Julie Patterson, Alicia Powell
2013-14: Mallory Foster, Lauren Jaeger, Kelsey Tripp, Brittni Woolwine
2014-15: Kelsey Tripp, Keya Dunford
2015-16: Rachel Magri, Kira Runkle
2016-17: Lindsay Edmondson
Don Sebolt Memorial Scholarship:
2010-11: Samantha Downey
2012-13: Tanya Halliday, Josh Bostic
2013-14: Shaun Riebl
2014-15: Tanya Halliday
2015-16: Tanya Halliday
2016-17: Tim FitzPatrick, Meghan Wilson
Forrest Thye Scholarship:
2017-18: Jana Leotta, Stephan Moohyun Kim
Olviia Schwartz at the Blacksburg Farmer's Market

2016 Outstanding Senior: Olivia Schwartz
Olivia was a model dietetics student in the accelerated BS/MS program in HNFE who maintained a very high GPA in addition to volunteering with numerous community outreach projects and extracurricular activities. Olivia had a strong commitment to helping others as shown by her dedication to the Family Nutrition Program’s Farmacy Project and the local Blacksburg Farmer’s market. She also served as a leader and mentor in the nutrition counseling program and was the membership coordinator for the Student Nutrition and Dietetics Association. Olivia was actively involved with Virginia Cooperative Extension as in intern, was a member of the Student Advisory Services Committee, and was engaged in the local community for allergen awareness and consumer protection issues. Olivia was nominated by three faculty who commented on her strong work ethic; her commitment to the department, college, and community; and her overall strong potential for continued success in the future.

Justin Resendes

2015 Outstanding Senior: Justin Resendes
Justin (Science of Food, Nutrition, and Exercise major; Medicine and Society minor) was recognized for his high GPA, outstanding undergraduate research, and commitment to volunteering for local and international community outreach programs. He earned a VCOM Global Health Internship where he participated in medical mission trips to Honduras, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and the Appalachian region. He volunteered for undergraduate research in his freshman year with Dr. Matt Hulver, who mentored him in two summer research programs, HNFE's Summer Scholars and Fralin's SURF. In addition to this internship, Justin has shadowed several physicians over the past four years, and is a member of Virginia Tech’s chapter of the American Medical Student Association and Hokie Health Club. He plans to attend medical school and become an orthopedic surgeon.

Shannon Lloyd

2014 Outstanding Senior: Shannon Lloyd
Shannon's "aha" moment came with the course Metabolic Nutrition, and "learned how the body metabolizes and uses the foods and nutrients put into it, allowing me to appreciate how amazing and complicated the human body is, and how important it is that as a future health professional, I understood these processes and their implications in health and disease states." This class was also her first step to becoming involved with undergraduate research, which allowed her to grow more than she dreamed possible as an undergraduate. She participated in SURF, Fralin's Summer Undergraduate Research Program, where she investigated the effects of a metabolic endotoxemia on proteins important for liver glucose metabolism. In addition to her research, she excelled academically and volunteered with a variety of projects related to health and nutrition. Shannon is now completing her Ph.D. at Texas A&M.

Kristen DeAngelis

2013 Outstanding Senior: Kristen DeAngelis
Kristen didn't merely receive her degree in HNFE (with concentrations in Dietetics and Exercise and Health Promotion)--she obtained tools to help others live well through healthy eating habits. While at VT, she established many "firsts," such as the inaugural HNFE student newsletter and the implementation of a new sports nutrition program for the Women's Rugby Team. She also gave selflessly of her time as a volunteer at Pulaski County's School Lunch Health Promotion program, served as president of the Student Nutrition and Dietetic Association, and was an active member of other campus clubs. In 2011, she received the Howard Massey Scholarship award, which allowed her to travel to Italy, France, and Uganda to study nutrition. She completed her Dietetic Internship at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Jessica Schultz

2012 Outstanding Senior, HNFE and CALS: Jessica Schultz
Jessica graduated in May 2012 with a double major in HNFE and Agricultural Sciences and was also involved with the University Honors program. Jessica combined a variety of course work and experiences into something truly unique. She completed a minor in Civic Agriculture and Food Systems and was very involved in local food projects such as the Kentland Farm Dining Services Plots, Sustainable Food Corps, and the Student Foodshed Summit. In addition, she was involved in other service activities such as an ambassador for CALS and international service work with "Students Helping Honduras" and "Ut Prosim El Porvenir." As part of her international service, Jessica did everything from manual labor and community building to teaching classes in nutrition and exercise.