Program fee is $9000
Application costs:
Virginia Tech application fee $50
Computer matching fee
One-time fee paid to D&D Digital to participate in the match process.
Dietetic Internship Centralized Application System
(DICAS) fee
$40 for first program, and $20 for each additional program.
Other estimated expenses:
Rent, utilities, food $600-900 per month for Blacksburg/Southwest Virginia
$900 Blacksburg, $1300 Northern Virginia*
Textbooks (variable) $200 (depending on books retained from DPD program)
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics student membership $58
Lab coat $25
Car expenses (gas, insurance, parking, etc.) varies**
Pre-placement immunizations and physical exam varies
Health insurance varies
Background checks and drug screening $100 (varies)***
Meals and local transportation costs during trips $100
* In order to stay within this range at the Northern Virginia location a roommate would be needed.
** A car and valid driver's license are necessary for traveling to classes and facilities. Northern Virginia interns incur a $5.00 parking expense for the weekly class.
*** Must successfully complete a background check and drug screen; innability to successfully pass may result in inability to be placed in practice sites and ultimate dismissal from the program.
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Employment during the internship: Interns spend at least 45-50 hours per week doing internship-related activities. Employment opportunities that allow interns to fulfill program requirements are limited; expectations for  performance do not change due to employment status. If you have questions about employment during the internship, contact us before submitting an application.

Financial aid:
Because of changes in the federal regulations regarding financial aid, federal student aid is no longer available to non-credit earning programs.  Applicants are encouraged to pursue private loans and scholarships through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,  and state and local dietetic associations.