Donna J. Brock, MS

Research Associate

Donna Brock has experience in research, evaluation, and consulting services. She has worked with various populations including youth, families, military families, and the elderly.

Talking Health: A pragmatic randomized-controlled health literacy trial targeting sugar-sweetened beverage consumption among adults: rationale, design, and methods

POPS-CAB/iChoose Obesity prevention program:  Funded by the National Institutes of Health, this is a three year community-based participatory research and systems based approach that addresses childhood obesity treatment in the Dan River Region of Virginia.

Dan River Partnership for a Healthy Community: Promotes an environment that supports opportunities for all Dan River (Danville, Virginia area) residents to make healthy food choices and to be physically active in order to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

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B.A., College Psychology, Kalamazoo
M.A., Experimental Psychology, Wake Forest University

Donna Brock


1981 Kraft Drive, 1032 ILSB
Blacksburg, VA 24060